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As already reported in 2017, Gotschlich has long been relying on renewable energy and environmentally conscious energy efficiency in operating processes and is expanding this environmental awareness on all levels.

In addition to the wood chip heating systems, which have been warming all administrative and production facilities in the 2 factories in Straßburg (Carinthia) since 2004, the photovoltaic systems in both Straßburg and Vienna have now been expanded. In addition, a fleet of electric vehicles is already in use, which is charged by solar energy in the factory's own charging stations.

Solar energy

Gotschlich has been successfully using solar energy since 2016. A further great success can be reported from the two production locations in Vienna and Carinthia. The entire solar power generation with the in-house photovoltaic systems on the company roofs was increased by a total of + 17.5% in 2019 (compared to 2018). Responsible for that growth are better conditions for solar power generation in 2019 and the doubling of the solar cells on the warehouse at the second plant in Carinthia. The annual production of electricity now covers 80% of the Gotschlich company's annual electricity consumption.

Cooling with groundwater, using rainwater

At the company's headquarters in Vienna, a cooling system with groundwater has made a further contribution to environmental protection for years. No drinking water is used for the irrigation and rinsing water in the sanitary facilities, but rainwater.

Praise from the Chamber of Commerce and Business Agency

The photovoltaic system expanded to 140KW on the roofs of the administration and production halls in Vienna has already received special public attention and great praise from several sides. The Chamber of Commerce and the Vienna Business Agency praised this "innovative large-scale system with different types of elevation and the latest system monitoring methods setting new standards."

"We see ourselves confirmed and encouraged by the great praise and positive feedback to continue to rely on renewable energies and to produce our products in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner", emphasizes Andreas Wotke, managing director of Gotschlich.


GOTSCHLICH a turn to security


Since 1974, the family business Gotschlich has been the only manufacturer of turnstiles and security gates in Austria.
Due to long experience with security technology and their own development of systems and equipment, Gotschlich counts to the World´s leading manufacturers.
Gotschlich quality products – 100% made in Austria.


Gotschlich – Headquarters
Feistlgasse 6, A-1210 Wien
Tel. +43 1 2596518-0, Fax -6
Gotschlich – Second Plant
Thomas-Koschat-Str. 3, A-9341 Straßburg / Kärnten
Tel. +43 4266 27177, Fax -6


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