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Company History


Export markets are expanded: Mexico, Singapore, Italy, Kazakhstan. Exports increase to 90 percent.

Honorary award from the Austrian Economic Chamber for the 45th anniversary of the company Gotschlich (limited partnership.)

Award for Active Climate and Environmental Protection from the Ministry Für Ein Lebenswertes Österreich. Project wood heating with micronet for self-supply

Gotschlich expands his sponsorship to beach volleyball (ladies' team Martina Guggi and Maria Obernosterer) and builds the beach volleyball court Straßburg


The second plant in Carinthia was expanded. Plant 2 Straßburg, is used to reach the necessary space.


A Gotschlich branch was founded in Moscow.

The share of exports rises to more than 85 percent.


The new office building, including a training center, was built to enable global customer training with the latest technologies.


The sales office West was founded in Vorarlberg (Bregenz). From there the market in Southern Germany, Switzerland and Western Austria will be processed

Expansion of the product range: flap-gate-barriers

Since 2007

Logiturn® drive units for ALL Gotschlich products - from 2-arm turnstiles to full-hight portal turnstiles. The world's first and only company that completes this development consistently.


Karl Gotschlich GesmbH received further patents in the field of access control, which were registered worldwide.

The export share rises above 80 percent.


A training workshop was integrated at the plant in Straßburg / Carinthia.


The new production facility was opened in Carinthia. This facility mainly produces full-hight turnstiles.

Gotschlich becomes main sponsor for the carinthian tennis club UTC Straßburg.


The company introduced yet another innovation with the handicapped-accessible, motorized 2-arm turnstile.
This development was patented in Europe and the United States.


The Millennium sensor lane, a one-way pedestrian lane with Open Gate function, was developed to expand the turnstile product line and is first installed in the Vienna Millennium Tower and Vienna Generali Insurance building.


50-year anniversary, another assembly plant is opened.


Karl Gotschlich GmbH was awarded the Vienna MERCUR prize for innovation for the development of a drive system for turnstiles and doors.


An international sales network was established. In-house products were used exclusively in operations. Equipment investments brought production facilities up to the latest state of the art.


Gotschlich developed and patented the first motorized 3-arm turnstile in the world, thus establishing a new state of the art. In order to maintain this lead, an in-house development department, led by Andreas Wotke, was created. It works exclusively on the further development of the products and on engineering customer projects.


The turnstile product line was refined, advancing the company’s conversion from a job production operation to a manufacturer of its own products. The use of microcomputer technology and precision engineering paved the way for new approaches. In practice, it has been found that conventional, purely mechanical turnstiles, whether used for access control or counting people, always have some weaknesses.


The company erected a modern new headquarters building in Vienna and shifted its core business to machinery building, precision engineering and sheet metal machining. Employing all metal processing techniques, the company built custom machine components.


In addition to job order production, the stage was also being set for our own product line, making turnstiles for use in skilift applications, primarily in Austria.


The company changed from a sole proprietorship to a limited partnership, Karl Gotschlich GmbH.


The company was founded as a commercial enterprise.
Originally a metalworking shop, it produced masonry equipment and repaired parts for the Vienna tramway system and Vienna's first electric metropolitan railway.




GOTSCHLICH a turn to security


Since 1974, the family business Gotschlich has been the only manufacturer of turnstiles and security gates in Austria.
Due to long experience with security technology and their own development of systems and equipment, Gotschlich counts to the World´s leading manufacturers.
Gotschlich quality products – 100% made in Austria.


Gotschlich – Headquarters
Feistlgasse 6, A-1210 Wien
Tel. +43 1 2596518-0, Fax -6
Gotschlich – Second Plant
Thomas-Koschat-Str. 3, A-9341 Straßburg / Kärnten
Tel. +43 4266 27177, Fax -6


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