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Motorized Gate

Ikarus Transpa


Application Areas:    Pools & Recreation, Building Access Control, Supply Facilities, Trade Shows


Product Categories:     Motorized Gate, Escape Route Equipment


Motorized gate, waist-high, glass panel

Especially suitable to provide access for strollers and wheelchairs at attended indoor and outdoor entrances to recreation facilities and in architecturally sensitive buildings.


The waist-high Ikarus Transpa motorized gate enhances turnstile installations, adding access for strollers and wheelchairs. It is made entirely of rust-free materials and is especially well suited for use in office buildings and recreation facilities such as fitness centers.
With the drive in the center pole and the glass panel barrier elements, the Ikarus Transpa has a stylish, open look that fits in easily with any architecture.

Ikarus Transpa is suitable for bidirectional operation and, due to the precise home position of the LOGITURN planetary gears, for paired double entrances.


Central drive inside turnstile
Quiet running, precise home position
Pre-assembled on delivery
Single or bidirectional operation
Reversible entry direction
High traffic capacity
High quality and long service life
Architecture-friendly transparence
Maintenance-free mechanism
Extensive line of accessories


Product Sheet [PDF] • Dimensional Overview [PDF] • Drawing [ZIP]



Please contact us for personal advice on application opportunities of Ikarus Transpa.




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