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End-of-the-year review 2017: Sponsored By Gotschlich

In 2017, the support of sports talents and sports enthusiasts of all ages continued and expanded into new sports.

Since 2003, when the new production facility in Strasbourg / Carinthia was opened, Gotschlich has been the main sponsor of the Carinthian tennis club UTC Strasbourg. Director Heinz Wotke acts as President and Managing Director Andreas Wotke is an enthusiastic chairman.

As an annual highlight, the Gurktal Open was held for the fifth time in 2017. The number of participants has increased continuously over the years. From the original 106 entries in the first year now to 142.
This year 10 competitions were played. For the women's singles, singles B, double, mixed and in the men's singles, singles B, seniors 35+, 45+, 55+)

Zahlreiche Zuschauer bejubelten und begleiteten die Sportler bis zur feierlichen Preisverleihung.
Numerous spectators cheered and accompanied the athletes to the festive award ceremony.

"Thiem brothers of tomorrow"

Felix (16, left) and Paul (15) Schmölzer - the two brothers are among the hopeful talents in Strasbourg.

In 2016, Gotschlich sponsored a beach volleyball court for UTC Strasbourg.
A festive tournament was organized for the opening ceremony. As a further highlight, there was a showmatch with semi-professionals from Klagenfurt. The ladies' pairings Obernosterer/Guggi and Cvetko/Grimschitz provided an exciting match. The audience was thrilled.

Reason enough for Gotschlich to become an official sponsor of the likeable duo Obernosterer/Guggi (Photos, Heinz Wotke and the ladies)

From the hub to the "Osterkreuz"

The support of various associations and institutions has always been a cause for the Gotschlich family business.

An absolute highlight was the construction and celebratory blessing of the "Osterkreuzes". 11 meters high, 5 meters wide and weighing 3 tons, it rises above Strasbourg. Gotschlich was responsible for the planning and implementation of this project. With many other supporters, it is a symbol of commitment and heartfelt generosity without self-interest.


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GOTSCHLICH a turn to security


Since 1974, Gotschlich has been the only manufacturer of turnstiles and security gates in Austria.
Due to long experience with security technology and their own development of systems and equipment, Gotschlich counts to the World´s leading manufacturers.
Gotschlich quality products – 100 % made in Austria.


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