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COVID-19: Monitored access into shops, markets, outdoor swimming areas, etc.

Dear customers and partners,

Even in this extraordinary time, we are at your side without restriction.

Due to the current situation, it is more necessary than ever to have an orderly limited flow of people in shops, markets, outdoor swimming areas, etc. This is the only way to ensure the prescribed and extremely necessary minimum distance.

Let us work together to prevent a step backwards from tightening sanctions to closing business. In addition to massive restrictions, this step backwards would also mean an enormous economic loss for all of us.

As the only Austrian manufacturer of personal access control systems and personal separation systems since 1974, it is particularly important to us to offer you our support in implementing the measures that have been determined by our government.

With our unrestricted production in Austria (production sites in Vienna and Carinthia), we have already considered how a controlled and number-limiting inflow of people can be automatically ensured in shops, markets, outdoor swimming areas, etc. From our wide product portfolio, which consists of turnstiles, motorized swing doors, security gates, etc. and which is planned, constructed and produced exclusively in our two plants in Austria, we have already put together 2 immediately available solutions for you.

Mobile turnstile installation Compact with passage for shopping trolleys and baby buggies
Mobile turnstile installation Axioma with passage for shopping carts and baby buggies

Incoming people are singled out and counted as they go in and out. This ensures that there is always only a predetermined number of people in the shop, market, outdoor swimming area, etc.

The systems can be equipped with traffic lights or lighting systems and displays with meter readings.

Extraordinary times also require extremely fast delivery times. We can therefore deliver our proposed solutions to you immediately after receiving your order.

We are happy to provide you with detailed information and look forward to hearing from you.

We wish you all the best.

Your Gotschlich Team


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GOTSCHLICH a turn to security


С 1974 австрийская компания Gotschlich специализируется на производстве турникетов и оборудования контроля доступа
Компания Gotschlich, с ее многолетним опытом и знаниями в области технологий безопасности, сама разрабатывающая все свои системы и устройства, по праву является экспертом и считается одним из ведущих поставщиков в Европе.
Качественная продукция gotschlich - 100% сделано в Австрии.


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Feistlgasse 6, A-1210 Wien
Tel. +43 1 2596518-0, Fax -6
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