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One step Ahead

Since starting turnstile production in 1974, GOTSCHLICH has attracted attention time and again with its technical innovations. From the first motorized turnstile in 1988 to the "Open Gate" touchless security lane, which has been an international sensation since it was first introduced in 2002, Gotschlich has invented or been the first to implement numerous product innovations.

The family company has brought flexibility and innovation to meet the stiff competition from international corporations.
The access control industry was revolutionized when GOTSCHLICH introduced the world's first motorized turnstile in 1988. The convenience and thus the acceptance of turnstiles was greatly increased.
The next revolution was already on the horizon: The "Open Gate" security lane looks like a regular turnstile - and is not much more expensive - but it allows a person with the right credentials to walk through barrier-free and obstructs passage only in case of attempted misuse. This makes touchless access control systems actually touchless for the first time.

Simple, practical solutions facilitate operation

Most product innovations are not apparent at first glance: One example is a barrier mechanism that works without locking or ratchet wheels and thus prevents "seizing up" despite release, far from standard for all manufacturers. And sensors to prevent climbing over or crawling under were also first found at GOTSCHLICH.
Some of the lesser innovations include the maintenance-friendly positioning of the controls at working height instead of inside the drive body, as in the Ecco 120 BB portal turnstile.
With indoor applications, an escape mechanism which clears the way in case of panic or fire is often required. Such escape mechanisms were very complicated and expensive before
GOTSCHLICH invented the asymmetrical two-arm turnstile , which has a barrier-free "open" setting without any additional mechanical complexity.
"Every new development must benefit the customer.", says GF engineer Andreas Wotke. "That is the only way we can distinguish ourselves from our big competitors and maintain the lead that secures our future."


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GOTSCHLICH a turn to security


С 1974 австрийская компания Gotschlich специализируется на производстве турникетов и оборудования контроля доступа
Компания Gotschlich, с ее многолетним опытом и знаниями в области технологий безопасности, сама разрабатывающая все свои системы и устройства, по праву является экспертом и считается одним из ведущих поставщиков в Европе.
Качественная продукция gotschlich - 100% сделано в Австрии.


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