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Новости и информация



New Access System for Davos

DNS Datentechnik GmbH in Hohenems delivers a new access system for the SCHATZALP-Bahn in Davos

The Schatzalp-Bahn in Davos, Switzerland is a funicular railway that runs from the town of Davos to the Schatzalp resort area. It has been in existence for more than 100 years. The Schatzalp is a popular destination. The railway also provides shuttle service to a very beautiful hotel, which is also over 100 years old. In 2006, the funicular underwent major renovations and was updated with the latest technology.

After an initial meeting on Nov. 20, 2006, GOTSCHLICH partner DNS Datentechnik GmbH received an order on Nov. 29, 2006 to supply the hardware and software for the new access system. After adapting the existing software and modifying the hardware to the new requirements, the system was started up and handed over on Dec. 15, 2006.

Such a fast turnaround was only possible with optimal organization and great flexibility on the part of the employees and upstream suppliers. Gotschlich delivered the turnstiles within a few days.

The BASIS TT Entry UNIT reader station was designed especially for the Gotschlich MODUL BASIS turnstile. This reader station is integrated in the turnstile and consists of a plexiglas housing with an opening for card insertion . A red or green LED inside the housing lights up to indicate the status. The housing has a holder for the controller board, RFID reader and EAN reader. The RFID cards do not necessarily have to be inserted in the card reader, but are also read when held in front of the housing. Thus RFID tags in the form of key fobs can also be used. The assembly takes only a few minutes. The cover of the MODUL BASIS turnstile snaps open so that the reader station is accessible from within - extremely maintenance-friendly. The wiring consists of a single patch cable which plugs into the controller board.

The software, adapted by DNS to this customer's needs, is easy to install, learn and operate. Two touch-screen ticket machines ensure fast ticketing with no long lines. The day cards are printed out by two STAR printers. These printers are very fast and reliable. Hotel guests receive RFID cards (transponder cards). These serve as pass cards for the funicular for the duration of their hotel stay. The Schatzalp Hotel staff (about 100 people) use RFID tags in the form of a key fob. These tags are personalized and can also be linked with a photo taken using the TopTech software and stored in the database. The employee's photo is displayed on a security monitor with each entry."


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GOTSCHLICH a turn to security


С 1974 австрийская компания Gotschlich специализируется на производстве турникетов и оборудования контроля доступа
Компания Gotschlich, с ее многолетним опытом и знаниями в области технологий безопасности, сама разрабатывающая все свои системы и устройства, по праву является экспертом и считается одним из ведущих поставщиков в Европе.
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